Presidential candidate quiz

Which presidential candidate wants no change on US Cuba policy and belongs to an ultra conservative and elitist prayer group in DC? If you answered Hillary Clinton, you’d be right.

She also favors the wars and believes in scorched earth retaliation against political opponents so I’m hard pressed to see how her policies, except for a few social issues, would be any different from Dubya’s.


  1. Yep. And she’s already told us what to expect: another four years of paralyzing partisan politics in which she will do everything possible to annoy the Republicans, and nothing to promote reconciliation.

    Since she’s a virtual shoo-in for the nomination, it looks like I might be forced to vote for a Republican for President for the first time in my life.

  2. Yep, she’s way too concerned with trying to be the first Woman President to actually say something sincere.

    I will be voting for Ron Paul. He’s the only real Candidate there is, everyone else is just the same recycled politician.

    Andrew DuVal

    I’ve also got a website where US Citizens can run for any publically elected Office (Federal, State, Local). Check out my link 😀

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