Tucson housing

We’ve been in Tucson Arizona for a few days. Per capita income here is a low $29k. The economy is primarily based on providing homes and services for the retired. Some retirement projects have thousands of homes, all nicely managed and well-run, but most are dead set against allowing homeowners to install solar power. How crazy is that? It’s a desert here. Yesterday was 106 F. But the managed communities won’t allow solar because some pinhead thinks it might mar the beauty of thousands of roofs. Or so they think. In ten years such obstinate thinking in the face of reality will be looked at as being nearly criminal.

Driving around you see lots of billboards for the big national home builders. Lennar. Pulte. Standard Pacific. I’m sure lots more are here too, and right now they are all dead in the tracks because of the subprime crisis. Since the economy here revolves around building homes, unemployment will now be rising rapidly.

Tucson seems a microcosm for cluelessness about climate change as well as a city about to get impacted hard by the subprime debacle.

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  1. Bob – Effective Sept. 19th HOA’s can no longer prevent solar heating or solar assisted energy. Bill was passed, signed by the Governor, and will take effect the 19th. If you need help go to my website and call or e-mail me. I’ll help you get your home with solar.

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