One thought on “Countrywide CEO. Recession coming

  1. “What happens when millions lose their homes and get laid off? We will be finding out.”

    We should already have a pretty good idea. It was called the Great Depression, when up to 60% of the nation was plunged into poverty. your parents or grandparents may remember– and for many, it affected their entire outlook on life. My grandmother saved used tinfoil for re-use until the day she died. We grandkids always thought she was a little nuts, but that’s what you did during the depression.

    But the so-called Great Depression happened in a nation that had yet to reach its peak, not in an empire on which the sun is setting. The spending/borrowing binge of the current administration may make impossible the necessary government borrowing to fund programs to help affected people. In short, we’ve been screwed well in advance.

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