Arab states as bulwark against Palestinian state forming

From Steve Clemonts of The Washington Note. This is especially notable in that he is a moderate DC policy wonk, and not at all radical.

I spent Monday in Los Angeles and met an insightful next generation Arab-American thinker, Sama Adnan, who told me he believed that there was something like a mathematical equation in the Middle East that few Americans — Democrat or Republican — understand. He said that democracies or more self-determining populations in Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East were impossible as long as the Palestinian-Israeli standoff over Palestine’s state status remained unresolved.

He said that if true democracies governed in any of these states, then those democratic movements would focus on their outrage that Israel was continuing to illegally occupy Palestinian territory. The more totalitarian governments in the region are bulwarks against a popular will that is focused on grievances involving Israel. The only way to create a more liberal and stable order in the Middle East, according to this young observer, is to deliver on Palestine.

There can be no peace in the Middle East until Palestinians have a place to call home. The implication here is that Arab states do not really want a Palestinian state because it would upset the balance of power and quite possibly their grip on power too.