Major L.A. hospital to close

King-Drew Hospital

King-Harbor hospital in Los Angeles just lost federal funding and will be closing after failing a must-pass federal test. This has been a long time coming, and was triggered after “a series of patient deaths was linked to serious lapses in care by nurses and other staff members.”

How bad did it get there?

May 2007: A 43-year-old woman dies after writhing in pain for 45 minutes on the floor of the hospital’s emergency room lobby. Hospital staff ignore her; a janitor mops around her. The events are captured on videotape and receive national attention.

Sounds like some Third World hellhole of a hospital, doesn’t it? It’s hard to comprehend how things got so out of control, even after the city and county poured in tens of millions trying to fix it.

I mean, how can a major hospital be allowed to fail in a supposedly world-class city? A bridge collapses in Minneapolis, subways flood in New York City, and now a major hospital is closing in L.A. Our infrastructure and support systems are endangered and crumbling.

A real good first step would to be stop spending hundreds of billions on war and use that money to repair and rebuild the country instead.