Missing weapons and dead Iraqis

Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator

(Above graphic from JustForeignPolicy)

Craig Murray on the “missing” 190,000 weapons.

The US seems much more concerned at having lost 190,000 weapons than at a multiple of that number in dead people losing their lives.

Those weapons are probably everywhere now, including in the hands of insurgents. It takes a very special type of corrupt incompetence to “lose” this many weapons.

You really do have to wonder how long this can go on. The brainwashing of key portions of the US population through the media and evangelical churches, and the crass appeal by shifty politicians to “Patriotism”, has held the line so far against all the evidence of the disaster this is for the US as a nation. But at some time the patience of the people must surely snap – I suspect leaving a timid Democrat leadership scuttling to keep up.

Well, it’s getting SO difficult for congressional Dems now. They have to continue to pretend to oppose the war while the vast majority of them actually support it. History will not be kind to them.