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A Mexican-Chinese businessman accused of aiding in the making of tons of methamphetamine in Mexico has been arrested in Maryland. Authorities found $207 million in cash in his Mexico home recently, and he said $150 million of that belonged to the ruling party of Mexico which he was forced to store under penalty of death.

I’m guessing there are whole levels to this story yet to surface…

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  1. Where I live there’s a chronic shortage of sudafed. Generic brands have been out of stock for months, and even name brand has gotten hard to find. When you do find it, of course, you can only buy one package thanks to the wisdom of our fine Congress.

    A little internet research reveals that Mexico’s sudafed imports have TRIPLED since the law was passed regulating OTC sudafed sales– far more than the entire country could use for headcolds (even if the entire country could afford it).

    Surprise, surprise: the sudafed my wife needs to treat her chronic sinus problems is being diverted to Mexico to make meth. Capitalism works despite regulation to the contrary. And when someone gets caught with $207 million in cash, we begin to see why capitalism trumps prohibition every time.

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