Mediterranean getting too hot for tourism

Temperatures in the Mediterranean have reached nearly 110 F in a continuing, dangerous, and unprecedented heat wave.

Many politicians now fear the Mediterranean coast may soon become too hot to sustain a viable tourist industry. ‘The Mediterranean climate of this country no longer exists. It is changing, perhaps even faster than we expected,’ said Michalis Petrakis, director of Greece’s Institute of Environmental Research at the National Observatory in Athens.

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  1. 110 degree temps do not seem to have deterred Palm Springs and its surroundings from doing a fairly brisk vacation trade in the summer. 110 degrees is a LOT more tolerable by the Mediterranean than in the north German plain! And besides, the Mediterranean always felt like a bathtub to this California boy; about time it’s temps reached bathtub temps.

    So the Swedes and Norviggans will become the destinations of vacationing Germans and French during the summer. A hot winter will draw the northern folk south!

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