Israeli textbooks now acknowledge Palestinians forced from land

The new edition [of Israeli textbooks]  adds the Arab perspective, noting for the first time that many Palestinians were forced from their homes and became refugees after the winners of the war confiscated their land and barred their return.

“Forced” is a polite way of putting it. “Terrorized and at gunpoint” would more accurate. But this is a welcome start.

“When the war ended, the Jews prevailed and Israel and its neighbors signed a truce,” a key passage reads. “The Arabs call the war the ‘Nakba,’ meaning the war of catastrophe and destruction. The Jews call it the War of Independence.”

Not surprisingly, right-wing Israeli Zionists attacked the textbook, even though the facts are not in dispute -  except in America maybe, where ignorance of what happened to the Palestinians is pervasive.


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  1. It’s a step in the right direction. It sure would be nice if kids here learned these elementary facts. The widespread confusion over the issue is due largely to ignorance and an acceptance of mainstream propaganda efforts.

    Great post,


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