Canadians like their free health care

The Canadian press on ‘Sicko’.

It’s not Moore who’s fear-mongering here. It’s the upholders-at-all-cost of privatized medical care, today’s purveyors of the Big Lie, capitalist-style.

Moore’s right: U.S. system sick

Sicko is an excellent vaccination against that privatization disease,” said Heather Smith, president of the United Nurses of Alberta.

No health care system is perfect. Anyone who has sat in an emergency room in Toronto or Vancouver for three hours to get five stitches can tell you that, but the point Moore makes is that at least we are offered medical attention regardless of our age, the state of our existing health or income level.

With that in mind I wanted to kiss the ground when I left the theatre, happy to live in a country where, by our taxes at least, we look after each other when we need the help most.

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