The public favors impeachment

impeachment ticket

45% of the public favors impeaching Bush and 54% favors impeaching Cheney.

The Vermont Senate voted in April to call for the impeachment of Bush, yet it was blocked in the House by the Democratic leader because it would be too “divisive.”

Goodness, we certainly don’t want to be “divisive” when a president invades countries based on lies, repeatedly violates the Geneva Convention, and uses the Constitution for Kleenex. Better to roll over, play dead, and pretend to be an opposition party instead.

Yet you hear that same argument way too often from liberals and Democrats. It’s the same crap the civil rights movement had to deal with the 60’s. “We agree with your goals but not your tactics,” they squeal, all the while doing whatever they can to block you while pretending to be an ally.

That Bush and Cheney have committed any number of impeachable offenses has been documented by a former Attorney General of the United States who has written an Articles of Impeachment.

Do we know what would happen after a successful impeachment? No. Nor do we know what forces of reaction would be put into play if it looked like impeachment would happen. Outcomes can never been completely predicted in advance during times of political upheaval. But the current corrupt and criminal administration of George Bush can and must be replaced.

All that’s required is that we do it.