Armenian genocide was model for Nazis

Systematic participation of doctors in state terrorism began with the Armenian genocide in Turkey in 1915. Medical personnel were directly involved in the killings, often participating in torture. Behaeddin Shakir and Mehmet Nazim established extermination squads staffed by criminals.The Armenian genocide provided the template for the Nazi holocaust, leading to the most notorious example of medical complicity in state abuse.

This from an article on the sickening history of doctors and MDs being used to torture and maim those who a regime wishes to destroy, a bloodstained history that continues to this day in the United States and elsewhere.

From a 2004 article in the New England Journal of Medicine

There is increasing evidence that U.S. doctors, nurses, and medics have been complicit in torture and other illegal procedures in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay. Such medical complicity suggests still another disturbing dimension of this broadening scandal.

The article helps explain why the medical care at Gitmo is world class. It’s not out of concern for the detainees but quite the opposite. It’s so their medical history can be used to break them.

[doctors] have turned over prisoners’ medical records to interrogators who could use them to exploit the prisoners’ weaknesses or vulnerabilities.