London car bombs

Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray on the recent London car bombs, inquires as to why police haven’t released video footage of the driver.

I am increasingly puzzled as to why police haven’t released CCTV footage of the driver of the vehicle fleeing the scene. The whole Piccadilly area is swamped by CCTV coverage. Normally, you would expect this released, so the public can help with the manhunt. That happened with the 21/7 incidents. It did not happen with Jean Charles De Menezes, of course, because the CCTV footage disproved the police story that De Menezes vaulted the barriers and sprinted through the station.

It does now appear that these were indeed not suicide bombs, and were not professionally made.

While saying it could have been done by Islamic terrorists (albeit homegrown and inept), Murray also say anyone could have done it and that many have a vested financial interest in continuing the wars and phony terror alerts.

I am not saying it was Aegis or BAE. I am saying don’t be one-eyed about the possibilities. Look at the list of amazing things in London above. Do I really believe that there are wealthy people in London who would stage this sort of thing to protect or further their financial interests? Yes, I do.

I am also saying that I have first hand experience of the fact that governments lie about who plants bombs.

Lenin’s Tomb on the obvious incompetence of those responsible for the car bombs.

I suppose some nitwit will ask the question: “ah, but would you want them to be competent?” You’re asking me to glorify terrorism? Sorry to disappoint, darlings, but what I’d actually like to happen is for those who currently imagine that murdering a few dozen bystanding Brits will stop our gluttonous military machine in its tracks, to pull their heads out of their arses and get a clue. The only answer to this grave state of perpetual crisis being forced on us is to assemble the broadest possible coalition of the willing against the empire and its spear-carriers.

Well put indeed. The way to end the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan is by building a coalition of millions that will force the empires to stop their murderous bloodlust for oil. It can be done. It must be done.