Decline and Fall of the liberal left

Ted Rall

Still need convincing?

The views of Obama and Romney on war and imperialism are virtually the same, says a WaPo op-ed. Both want more troops, more intervention by the US, and criticize Bush not for doing too much, not for a starting a war based on lies, but for doing too little.

If Iraq-weary voters are looking for someone who will call on America to “come home,” they won’t find that candidate here.

The end of the war will come when the people demand it. The ANSWER Coalition has called for all antiwar groups to unite under the banner of End The War Now, and have the biggest protest ever in DC sometime in the next several months. If we put a million people in the streets they will be forced to listen.

The aim is not just one more demonstration but the largest antiwar demonstration in US history.

A mobilization of one million people marching on Washington DC would be the best possible trigger for an avalanche of grassroots organizing throughout the country and among service members and their families and veterans. It is time for something bold and broad. Something that sends an unmistakable message to the powers that be that the people of the United States have entered the field of politics in such a way as to become an irresistible force.

Barack Obama is just another Slick Willy, pretending to be liberal but is not really that way at all. By his own words, he’s a mouthpiece for the status quo in DC and for continued aggression abroad. Forget about hoping that presidential candidates will get bring the troops home. They (and Congress) will act only when the power of the people force them to. That’s why we need to make this the biggest antiwar protest in history.