Racist plan by Australian PM denounced

The lunatic and racist PM of Australia just floated a plan to ban alcohol and porn from aborigines. They can’t handle it, says he. No mention was made of Anglo alcoholics and porno addicts however. This is just more of that White Man’s Burden garbage, which is simply nasty vicious racism pretending to want to help “savages” become more “civilized”

Quite rightly, many are sickened by his racist attempt to demonize a population. Oh, he didn’t bother to ask aborigine leaders for their input, but you assumed that anyway, right?

This was no doubt a re-election ploy by the PM, one which is now backfiring.

Update: It’s an attempt to grab the ancestral land of aborigines (see comments here too) . Capitalism and racism always have been partners.


  1. No. He is not lunatic, Bob. Racist and scary,yes, but not lunatic. The game here –besides proffering a bottom of the barrel election stunt–is a massive land grab.

    Howard is trying to roll back federal landrights legislation that has been in place since the seventies and with a jack boot charge like this take control of aboriginal communities, totally disenfranchise them, destroy their collective control over land use and steal the resources of their land — coal, uranium, oil, etc.

    Mining natural resources in Australia is always battle over land rights.

    This plan was launched one day after a cop was cleared of manslaughter of an indigenous man after a 2 and half year campaign by Aboriginal communities and their supporters to even get the copper charged! It’s our Rodney King you see…And five years ago this same government abolished ATSIC the national indigenous authority formally run by aboriginal men and women.

    But don’t be fooled by the rhetoric — funding to indigenous communities in housing, health and education– is way way below national averages and the squalor in these communities as is the morbidity and infant mortality figures are horrific even by third world standards.

    You have to imagine how devastating this is to a impoverished and marginalised people who daily have to struggle against racist disenpowerment.

    Of course child abuse exists within the aboriginal communities as does alcoholism and family violence — but where does that come from eh? Whats’ the social and economic context?

    I spent yesterday with the Indigenous community here in Brisbane at a major community gathering –and people were very angry because they can so easily see through the lies.

    Anyway for background and reports check out this link. I’ll be archive what’s relevant.

  2. “Capitalism and racism always have been partners.”

    Racism has sometimes partnered with capitalism. Other times, it has partnered with socialism, marxism, maoism, feudalism, tribalism, and if there was another system I bet it partnered with that, too. It has also partnered with religion, unionism, militarism, and indeed it seems that no aspect of human society is beyond its reach.

    Sorry, but racism cannot be blamed on mere capitalism.

  3. I didn’t say racism could be blamed on capitalism, but that they are often partners in the same crimes. Imperialism often has a strong racist basis.

  4. Racism is a bi-product of capitalism. Couldn’t work any other way.

  5. True. The socialist imperialists were also racist.

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