Flagstaff AZ. Microcosm for water problems


The population in Flagstaff keeps growing. But the drought is now eight years old with no signs of abating. Finding water is getting difficult, and the people keep coming. Flagstaff is hardly alone.

The US Census Bureau projects California’s population will rise to more than 46 million by 2030 from 36.5 million now, while Arizona and Nevada will nearly double to 10.7 million and 4.3 million people, respectively.

The vast bulk of water for the region comes from the Colorado River, and it already merely trickles when it empties into the ocean because so much water is already being diverted.

Thus, the Colorado can hardly be relied upon to provide water for millions more people, especially when dust bowl conditions are being predicted by some for the southwest by 2030.

The current drought in Australia is so severe that the government may be forced to cut off water to agricultural areas to preserve drinking water “heralding what could be the first climate change-driven disaster to strike a developed nation.”

Where Australia is now, the American southwest may well be, and soon. Even the climate change skeptic PM of Australia is finally accepting the truth, that global warming is quite real. Meanwhile, the US government and Congress, including the Democrats, are doing practically nothing about it? Will people have to die or will there have to be food riots before governments truly wake up and do something?