O’Hare airport has excellent wifi

I recently transited through O’Hare. The wifi there is amazing. Big banners announce it, and list the SSID “concourse” to use. This is a smart idea as it protects people from rogue ad hoc networks. Also, the wifi is everywhere. You don’t have to go to a special place in the terminal to access it.

O’Hare gets it about wifi. May other airports and venues follow.

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  1. Hi Bob,

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    I am sure that you have seen such wifi service listing on other sites before (like the one on travelpost.) My aim, however was to create a site that include rating and real WiFi user experience like yours.

    I like to invite you to visit my site and share your valuable oppinion about O’Hare wifi service with other by leaving a comment on the URL I included with this comment.

    Thank you for your post about O’Hare wifi and hope that you will share it with other airport wifi users.

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