Water shortages could cause forced migrations


“Hundreds of millions” of people may be compelled to relocate, says Scientific American. Low-lying coastal areas could be the worst hit – and that’s precisely where large population centers are too. May their predictions be wrong because if they are only partly correct, countless millions will be refugees. Not only does global warming mean flooding of those coastal areas, it means less water for crops in areas where water comes from glacier and snowmelt runoff, as well as more powerful storms and increased drought.

Dave Riley asks

So the core question I think is this:How many ways is there to go green? We know that there is the socialist way — as we can see is happening in Cuba and Venezuela. But what others are on offer that work? And I mean that they have to work for millions of people to attain the sort of emission levels we know we must reach in the narrow time frame we have left.

And if we are to be asked to wait while other options pan out — how long are we supposed to wait while they are supposed to kick in?

That indeed is the question. We do not have the luxury of time. Solutions are needed now.