CIA ran secret torture prisons in Europe

This from the authoritative Council of Europe. The torture prisons were run primarily in Poland and Romania with British logistic help as well as collusion at multiple levels in other countries.

The leaders of our country should to be in prison. Torture is never acceptable and permitting and encouraging it makes a hypocritical lie of the democracy and freedom the White House and Congress pretend to honor.

Are Democrats in Congress screaming for an investigation about this, demanding the CIA explain itself? I didn’t think so. About all they’re doing is wheezing about whether the White House should have told them more, like it’s just a turf battle. Pathetic. They are as culpable and and morally sick as the neocons, maybe more so. At least the neocons have principles they will fight for, unlike the Democrats, who appear to have few.

The use of phrases such as “enhanced interrogation” and “extraordinary rendition” need to be recognized as the Newspeak they are, deliberately manipulative language used to confuse and mislead, and to make the unacceptable become palatable. The proper words for the above phrases, of course, are “torture” and “kidnapping.”

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  1. If you’re looking for hypocisy, how about Bush praising Spain, whose leader supported the war against the wishes of its electorate, and calling Turkey cowards because its leaders bowed to the wishes of its electorate and opposed the war?

    As to the secret prisons, while I agree that they’re abominable and hypocritical, they’ve been public knowledge for some time now. And there’s no shortage of hypocrisy among politicians of either branch of our single party.

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