Julie Amero granted new trial

This never should have gone to trial in the first place. Amero, a substiute teacher, had been found guilty on charges of exposing childen to porno because a computer kept popping up porno ads.

Her conviction was overturned and a new trial granted. The problem was an idiot prosecutor looking for notches on his belt who was also clueless that bots made the ads and Amero didn’t. Or maybe he did know and just wanted the notches anyway. May everyone involved in this pointless and sick prosecution of Amero get fired or demoted for incompetence.

Let me amend that. The judge ruled a police detective gave “erroneous” testimony and “false information.” He should be indicted.

Bizarrely, the judge criticized bloggers for publicizing the case, yet the resultant publicity is unquestionably a major reason the conviction was overturned.