New Haven passes bill to give ID cards to the undocumented

Federal agents then immediately staged an immigration raid.

The mayor of New Haven says the raid is retaliation for the city passing a law designed to give the undocumented a way to provide ID and open bank accounts, calling the raids a “symbolic act of intimidation.”

ICE, in their usual thuggish manner, entered the homes of the undocumented without warrants and didn’t bother to tell the city until well after it was over.

Let’s continue organizing and fighting back against racist assaults that are designed to intimidate and scare. ICE are just the low-paid and not very bright shock troops. The real problem is in the White House and Congress – and in a system that perpetuates and encourages abuses like this.

Since when did warrants become something law enforcement no longer has to use? And if they don’t need warrants to search the homes of undocumented workers, how much long until they won’t need them to search the homes of  citizens?