Carbon emissions

The Guardian has found that the international system for offsetting carbon emissions is rife with “incompetence, rule-breaking and possible fraud.” Plus, it’s a bizarre system in the first place – hey, I can dump garbage in my front yard if I pay you to plant a tree somewhere. Right, like that’s a long-term solution, even if it could be monitored by an international system with the power to enforce, which it clearly isn’t.

AP has documented that those states in the US with the most carbon emissions are precisely those states where coal is burned the most to produce electricity. This will come as little surprise for those of us who know how nasty coal is.


  1. Those states that produce the most electricity from coal are not necessarily the same states that use that electricity. As you pointed out once before, California consumes much more power than it produces, much of it from dirty coal. In essence, the producing states are generating power “for export.”

  2. I just read somewhere that a large percentage of the power California uses is for the pumps on the aqueducts.

    So, California is importing power to pump water it imports from other states or from the Sacramento Delta to southern California.

    What a screwy, wasteful, unsustainable system…

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