Ted Goodnight. Veterans for Peace. Bush protest

Ted Goodnight of Veterans for Peace spoke at the Bush protest in New London yesterday. He served fifteen years in the Reserves, volunteered for active duty after 9/11, and spent nine months in Afghanistan.

He says, “I freely admit it, I drank the Kool-Aid.” But after seeing how supposedly targeted attacks on al Qaida were actually done to terrify the populace (and score propaganda points at home, no doubt) he changed his views. Also he said, they didn’t have enough parts and ammo there because supplies were going to Iraq instead, a country that had not attacked the US, and that this endangered US troops in Afghanistan.

Highly patriotic, Goodnight believes strongly in the Constitution. We have a right to protest and dissent, he says, “The adminstration and Gathering of Eagles hope to use deception, fear-based propaganda, and intimidation to deny our use of civil liberties. Such acts are treasonous.”

Link to YouTube video


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