Dimbulbs of the Day Award

Two denizens of an alcohol and drug rehab decided to launch a phony bomb plot. One called police and said his friend had a bomb, hoping police would beat the suspect. They would then sue and get big bucks in a lawsuit.

I’m guessing they might not have been sober when they planned this.

While their scheme didn’t work, they will have fewer money worries for the next few years as they will be guests of the state, all expenses paid.

“My feeling is that 9-11 took all the humor out of bomb threats,” the prosecutor said.

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  1. This is an unfortunate example of what this country has become. This is, of course, a dumb thing to do, but four and five years respectively for it? Absurd. 30 days might be more appropriate. Paris Hilton or any random drunk driver is a LOT more dangerous to society than these clowns. This is all about political posturing, and nothing to do with “justice” or any reasonable societal benefit.

    Then of course there’s terrorist and mass murderer Luis Posada Carriles, whom the government doesn’t even see fit to prosecute.

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