Hartford Courant on upcoming Bush protest

Protest Bush May 23 in New London CT

Changed state to greet Bush Page 1, Hartford Courant this morning.

The national anti-war group ANSWER Coalition will already be protesting outside the academy [as other march in to join the protest]. National organizer Bill Hackwell said buses will roll in from all across the Northeast. The group’s message: “End the occupation of Iraq. Bring our troops home now,” he said.

Hackwell was clear that the protests are not about the 228 academy cadets who are becoming Coast Guard officers.

“It’s about the policies of the Bush administration,” he said. “Wherever he goes, there is a protest now against him.”

Last time, Bush [spoke at the Academy he] stood in the rain to deliver his message. This time, when Air Force One lands at the airport in Groton and his motorcade arrives at the academy, the only storm he’s expected to face is a tempest of protest.

If you’re in New England tomorrow, join us!

Full info, logistics, maps, at AnswerCT.org