Comment spam captcha

The deluge of comment spam on blogs mean spam killer plugins like Askimet will get false positives. When this happens, good comments get lost because there’s too many spam comments in the queue to go through all of them. (This blog has gotten upwards of 1,500 spam comments a day at times.)

Scoble, a major tech blogger, says comment spam is becoming a major problem for him, both in the sheer number of them and the problem of finding the good comments that got flagged as spam.

His blog runs on, which doesn’t support plugins. This blog runs, which does. So I’ve installed a Captcha plugin. You’ll now have to type in a word to get your comment to post (if you haven’t previously been approved.)

This should cut the comment spam way down. Finding false positives will be much easier now. Captcha plugins.


  1. It appears that any time I try to post something with two or more links in it, my comment vanishes. This is unfortunate, as I like to cite my sources (when have them).

  2. Akismet may be flagging those as possible spam. With the new captcha, any such false positives will be much easier to spot.

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