Bush protest. New London CT. This Wed. Arrive by 9 am

From the ANSWER Coalition, who called the Bush protest at the Coast Guard Academy in New London CT this Wednesday where Bush will be speaking.

Today (Monday), the ImpeachBush.org movement led by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark ran an ad in the Hartford Courant announcing that the impeachment and anti-war movements have joined forces for the May 23 Protest Bush Rally. The Courant is read by more than 200,000 people throughout Connecticut and New England.

The half page ad is on page 4 of the today’s Courant.

As usual, the Secret Service is playing their last minute silly games, making a ludicrous claim of national security as a pretext to stop people from protesting in front of the Academy as well as street closures designed to block people from coming. The ANSWER Coalition has a permit to be in the area. Arrive by 9 am and you’ll get through.

The government would happily give people a permit to be anywhere other than right outside of the USCGA. We must not be diverted. We can defeat their attempt to banish visible dissent because we know their tactic well.

The best way to do that is to be at Tampa and Mohegan Ave. at 9:00 am with your friends, family, co-workers and fellow students. We have a permit for this area. This is where anti-war activists from throughout Connecticut, New England and the Mid-Atlantic will be. If you come directly to the main gate of the USCGA by 9:00 am you will be able to access it before roads are closed.

Full details, with maps and logistics, at AnswerCT.org

Distribute widely.