Froatz ordered to trial with bond

Tyler Froatz, who was arrested on May 1 for assaulting Sarah Sloane of the ANSWER Coalition at an immigrant rights rally, then on weapons charges after his car and apartment were searched, was denied bail in a hearing today.

The judge said “the community has reason to fear” Froatz and ordered him back to jail. His trial is mandated to take place within 100 days.


  1. I thought that persecution via the criminal justice system for differences
    in political ideology was a relic of the past. The Froatz case is proof
    positive that the left is just as mean spirited as the right agaisnt those
    who espouse differing viewpoints. Froatz is just dumb, not dangerous.

  2. News report said he had a loaded M1 rifle in his car (which, if true, is certainly dumb) and that unregistered weapons were found in his apartment. He was arrested for assault as well as the weapons violations.

    So, how does that make him being arrested for espousing political viewpoints?

    And I do not wish the US criminal justice and prison systems on anyone.

    Not even Paris Hilton.

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