Global warming as capitalist conspiracy

Alexander Cockburn of CounterPunch says global warming is a plot by capitalists to bring back nuclear power. Louis Proyect says that’s ludicrous, saying he sounds like 9/11 conspiracists.

This involves major leaps of the imagination. Just as I always found it difficult to picture CIA agents agreeing to planes (or cruise missiles) being flown into the WTC or the Pentagon, I can’t quite get my mind around the idea that scientists are involved in a huge con job.

Exactly.If THEY (in capital letters, with the smell of sulfur and sounds of cackling laughter) were so powerful as to fiendishly arrange a devious plan requiring many years and thousands of scientists in order to foist nuclear power on us, then they’d be powerful enough to just go ahead and do it, eh?

These inane conspiracy theories waste so much time and divert so much energy away from the real work that needs to be done that maybe, oh I get it now, THEY deliberately started the conspiracy theories about themselves so as to confuse, demoralize, and distract the opposition. The fiends.

But WAIT!! What if both conspiracies were part of an EVEN GREATER conspiracy??? The Reichstag Fire of 9/11 being used as rationale for a Police State and the creation of “nuclear facilities” in urban areas (like the WTC site!!) which will then be used for Mind Control Manipulations and Genetic Manipulations on urban populations! But we will Expose their EVIL PLANS, no matter how much they use Logic against us!!!

(Do I have the excessive use of capitalization, overuse of question and exclamation marks, plus run-on sentences and ranty tone done in the proper Only I Know The Truth style?)

Really folks, there’s so much craziness out there it hardly seems necessary to invent conspiracies.


  1. I seriously doubt the conspiracy theory, but I have noted that nuclear power is suddenly rearing its ugly head again. It is, after all, clean power. That is, if you forget about the waste that must be kept safe from acts of God, Nature, and Man for longer than the human species has yet existed!

  2. As well as the above mentioned problems with nuclear it’s clean except for the mining and transportation and all that goes into the construction of such plants. The reason the nuclear option is back on the menu is because the nuclear lobby are expert opportunists and never miss a trick in pushing their model. Global warming — need more energy???? Ah nuclear is just your answer.

  3. Matthew Simmons, major investment banker to the energy industry says it would take 15 years for a nuke plant in production to equal up the energy used in building it.

  4. FYI for you and your readers…

    My piece on Alexander Cockburn, Climate Denier can be found in my blog here:

    This is actually a script for my radio production of the same name, a 23 minute piece (which includes a clip from Sonali of KPFA interview George Monbiot in late May, asking him about Cockburn)

    which is here:
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    This will be broadcast twice this week on CFRO FM in Vancouver, Canada, and then rebroadcast on a series of college and community stations.

    Alex Smith
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  5. on the subject of nuclear power, it is quite clear that the global warming idea was started by margaret thatcher as an excuse to go nuclear so we didn’t have to rely on the russians for gas or the middle east for oil. (i won’t go into why the science doesn’t stand up).

    since then man made global warming seems to have been hijacked by the global capitalist conspiracy. ( and as for 9/11 again the science of it is a little more complicated. however even my limited physics knowledge will tell you that a kerosene (jet fuel) fire is no hotter than a diesel fire. around the 600 centigrade mark. and the melting point of steel is about 1400 degrees. TERRORISM IS A JOKE. a good film for this and more can be found at also the late film maker Aaron Russo has an interesting film called “America Freedom to Fascism” which can be found on google video amoungst other interesting interviews.

    “THEY” are the centralised banks

    watch out for those RFID chips and ID cards folks. World Government? chips in peoples arms? the “free” media as the ministry of truth? sound a bit 1984 anyone?

  6. it is now clear to me that a crisis affecting the entire world is the most powerful tool for creating a world government with the full consent of the populus. “presure form above and below”

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