Protest Bush. US Coast Guard Academy. May 23.

U. S Out of Iraq Now!

Wed. May 23, 2007, 9am
Main Gate of the US Coast Guard Academy
Williams St. and Mohegan Ave.
New London, CT

George W. Bush will be speaking at the commencement ceremony of the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT. Students, soldiers and veterans, impeachment and antiwar activists from throughout will gather outside the main gate of the Coast Guard Academy to protest Bush’s visit. for updates, logistics, map, flyers. 203 404-9965, email.

Initiated by the ANSWER Coalition and sponsored by a wide array of New England Peace and Justice and veteran organizations.


  1. That you people would sully the accomplishments of these fine young
    Americans is a disgrace. There is a time and a place for protest,
    surely the graduation ceremony from a US Service Academy is neither
    the time nor the place.

  2. Among those who will be there protesting are Veterans Against The War and Iraq Veterans Against the War.

  3. I’ll agree with the first poster. I had tickets to the ceremony but my other guests (my parents) have now asked not to go because of the zoo these people will cause on graduation day. President or no, if there is any federal agency that should absolutely NOT be protested, it’s the Coast Guard. Who’s with me?

  4. The protest is against Bush and the war, and absolutely not against the graduates or their families. It is legal, with a permit, and outside the Academy.

    If anyone turns it into a zoo, it’ll be the Secret Service with all the street closures.

    BTW, I just heard about a 58 year old reservist nurse who walks with a cane. She just got orders to go to Iraq. I think that’s insane.

  5. Some people just dont get it!! This is not about the wonderful accomplishments of these deserving cadets…Its about make sure this president knows how much the American people want him gone! I say…for the good of all…we need to keep up and increase the pace of the protest. Its the ONLY THING that work during the vietnam war…It will work now. Bush and his whole corrupt administration should not underestimate the true patriots….BE GONE KING GEORGE!!!

  6. I respect your comments Ralph, but by holding a protest at CGA, it does taint their accomplishments. The venue is significant – would you condone a protest at the dedication of a VA hospital? The opening of a war memorial? A protest signals that the protesters consider the President more important than the cadets. I’m sure they wouldn’t want to elevate him above the leaders that will protect us all. I really wish people would spend their energy on building the greatness of this country, and the government will eventually follow.

  7. I was there with my trusty K9 “Mick”, the dog with the sunglasses. Thanks to the over 100 people who took a pictures of him. I got a kick the chimpy was to afraid to SEE the American people who are ashamed of his treasonistic control and corporate sponcers. Glad to see the protest went without a hitch and can’t wait to see 1-20-2009. To those who think we had no right to be there, well I served 5 years under Reagan in the USN and have EVERY RIGHT! I protected you. What have YOU done?

  8. Perhaps I’m missing something, but for the life of me, I can’t understand how the struggle to ensure that the lives and well-being of members of the military not be wasted on what most rational and informed human beings recognize as an ill conceived and poorly prosecuted war based upon lies and mistakes, could be seen as NOT supporting the troops. What, then, could “support the troops” possibly mean? Further, I think if anyone defiled the accomplishments and the dignity of the graduates, it’s President Bush who, as usual, used the military and this ceremony as his backdrop to continue to spout his rhetoric of fear and failed policy in Iraq and elsewhere. I was again amazed by the evil genius of the Bush handlers who managed to hijack what had been a criticism of the invasion of Iraq (that, post invasion, Iraq had become a training ground for terrorist) as some sort of justification for conitinuing and escalating the occupation. I am amazed as well, and often dismayed, by the gullibility of the American people.

  9. the dog with the glasses was wicked cool!

    to the person who chose not to go because of a “zoo” you thought
    there would be???

    Ummmm. why didn’t you go anyhow? WTF???

    I really hate saying this but it’s on my mind.

    You chose to REFRAIN from supporting the troops.

    You should have tried to show up anyhow.

    The place for pro-war protesters to park, caused
    them to have to walk THROUGH the protesters, I thought
    that was bad planning on the Secret Service’ and New London
    City’s part. People attending could park there too and walk
    through. A navy nurse walked through the protest in full uniform.
    I told her to be careful in the warmest way I could and mostly
    wanted her to know I would watch her back as she crossed thru.
    Honestly I didn’t expect it to get ugly at all. I’ve been to
    a LOT of these things over the years.

    She risked it, you should have too. It was a beautiful day and
    the weather was great.

    Oh, and George W. Bush makes Nixxon look like the mere occasional liar.

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