Solar tower in Spain

Solar power tower in Spain

MetaEfficient has the details and a video on the spectacular solar tower in Spain. It’s already producing enough power for 6,000 homes and may be able to do ten times that soon.

Spain also mandates that new homes have solar powered hot water and non residential buildings must have at least some solar power. Wow, a government that gets it.


  1. If there was a worldwide law that every new building
    has to be fitted with soalar panels. There would be no wars for oil
    see Environmental Maths at

  2. A nice step forward – and, in a way, backwards towards Spain’s tradition of sustainable energy use in home design. Until recently, Spanish domestic architecture was inherently energy efficient. The walls were thick stone or brick, and the resulting thermal mass moderated the interior temperatures. Since a lot of Spain is at altitude, with hot summer days yet cool nights, it worked to keep houses comfortable day round. Added to that was the use of white shutters that were pulled down to block sun through the windows in the heat of the day during the warm months, helping to keep the interiors cool. Today, of course, walls are skimpy and AC is a given. I suspect that going back to the ancient vernacular methods of construction would save even more energy than solar water heaters, by making AC less important.

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