1. While I’d like to see Bush go as much as anyone, do you really think there’s a frontrunner for his replacement that will end the war? I’d bet that any of them suddenly find reasons to delay once they get elected… and if Bush resigned now, we’d be stuck with a Cheney presidency. That should strike fear into the hearts of sane Americans.

  2. Impeach them both, then Pelosi becomes president. Which would certainly be an improvement.

  3. Why switch Dicks in the middle of a screw? (Re-election Nixon in ’72)

    I’m starting to think Pelosi is the best the dems have to offer. The Clinton\Edwards\Obama clique, with their daily fellation of Israel and the media\military\industrial complex, certainly hasn’t demonstrated any genuine desire to put an end to it.

  4. Pelosi may be the best there is… and that should have us running scared.

  5. It’s what Prime Ministers do when they’ve been around for about a decade. Thatcher did it too.

    To be honest, while Brown may be slightly better, he’s not going to win an election, and Cameron’s a much worse bet. Much, much worse. Yes, even than Blair.

  6. Sigh… Sounds like the upcoming 2008 US election. No one is worth supporting.

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