Pity the poor 9-11 conspiracy “theorists”

LeftiOnTheNews points out that 9/11 conspiracy theorists must be in a dither today because of the tanker truck explosion in the S.F. Bay Area. The force of the explosion and the resulting heat softened the supporting steel, causing the overpass to collapse.

This is precisely what the conspiracy theorists say could not have happened during 9/11. But the tanker crash shows clearly that steel can be softened, and by a mere tanker crash (which has way less fuel than a passenger jet plane)

I’m posting a review tomorrow here of Mike Davis’ new book, Buda’s Wagon. A Short History of the Car Bomb. Among other things, he points out just how powerful car bombs can be – and an exploding gas tanker IS a car bomb.

The US left Lebanon in the 80’s after Hezbollah car bombs blew up US and French barracks. The French barracks was 9 stories. The bomb lifted it off the foundation and moved it 20 feet. That explosive power was unquestionably way less than that of the planes that hit the WTC on 9/11, which not only caused explosions but also massive fires.