Urban dictionary

Urban Dictionary, “a slang dictionary with your definitions,” is a fun site

Some samples:

Coined word from globalization and fragmentation; as the world becomes more globalized with increasing technology and knowledge, more fragmentation occurs among individuals and societies.

When a website or website link leads you to believe you will be seeing pornography or some other sexual material, when in fact this offer is false or misleading.


  1. Globfrag is a particularly interesting term, as much of the violence in our society (and the world) stems from fragmentation. Don’t get me wrong: there has always been violence. But the nature of that violence has changed, and there has been an upsurge in violence related to fragmentation. Ironic (though not unanticipated) that the very technology that was supposed to improve our lives has brought with it its own brand of fear.

  2. I like globfrag – Wheels coming off [fragmentation] implies momentum, momentum implies anticipation of where the wheels will go (physics is everything). This is but one more value to weigh in the statistical model that is globalization.

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