“Ismail Ax”?

The Viginia Tech shooter wrote “Ismail-AX” on his arm. The blogosphere is trying to divine what it means.

It could be his nickname, or a reference to the Ismael in Moby Dick or the books of Daniel Quinn (he was an English major), or the Arabic form of Ismael (which could mean Muslim or Christian radicalism), or the Hashshashin, or the sputterings of a mind diseased by violence, or something entirely different.

Using The Anagram Server on ‘Ismail Ax’ produces nothing meaningful.

We may never know what it means. If it, in fact, does…


Re the Muslim link the wingnut Right is slavering to find

The chances of a South Korean born young man having any connection to Islam is about the same as the chances of the next Baghdad suicide bomber being a Mormon.


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  1. The Bible says of Ishmael, “He shall be a wild ass of a man, with his hand against everyone, and everyone’s hand against him…” and, “he grew up; he lived in the wilderness, and became an expert with the bow.” Interesting if, like many shooters, he was an outsider.

  2. ” ismail ax = ismailax = is mai lax = is my luck “

  3. “Ismail Ax” The VT Gunman’s Final Message?…

    The Would-Be Clue Sends The Blogosphere Spinning Hokies Search For Answers By Candlelight (AP) “Ismail Ax.” Eight letters scrawled in red ink across the inside arm of Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung-Hui; possibly the last thing he wrote before taking…

  4. The phrase Ismail Ax is an anagram it is not a direct reference to the Bible. It’s actually quite the opposite and is a specific message to a very specific group of people who understand the language it’s written in. In vague terms, it’s a very old language.

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  6. The Name “Ishmael Ax” could very well have a deeper meaning.
    and there could be a possible connection with the Kabbalistic 868 Circle.
    This Blog has an interesting point of view.

  7. that guy is a crazyass bitch, so it probably doesn’t mean anything

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