IPCC report. Global warming impact in US

“Over 40 percent of the water supply to southern California is likely to be vulnerable by the 2020s because of the loss of the Sierra Nevada and Colorado River basin snow pack” and heat wave days in L.A. are expected to soar from 12 to 44 to 100. Yikes.

Last summer in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, there were 60+ days in a row over 90 degrees, 19 in a row over 100, topping out at 119, the highest ever recorded in the city. Sue and I both realized this probably wasn’t a fluke, but part of a new trend. It was one of the reasons we moved. Ditto for the obvious fact that higher temperatures in the southwest mean less water will be available. The water wars of the southwest, which are already, uh, heated, will get ferocious.

According to the IPCC report, the Great Lakes will also have less water while Boston and NYC could suffer severe flood damage.