Southwest to have ‘century of drought’

That’s what the IPCC says in their report released today. The US Southwest will become much drier and hotter.

Hey, maybe it’s time for cities like L.A., Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Palm Springs, just to name a few, to stop building new golf courses, which are notorious water pigs and only benefit a few. What clearer symbol could there be for the callous disregard of water resources than building golf courses in semi-arid areas and deserts? In ten years, when water shortages become routine in the southwest, those who did so will be looked upon as the near-criminal exploiters that they are.

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  1. Do you remember the last big water shortage in Los Angeles, when watering lawns was forbidden? Yet a drive through Beverly Hills displayed the immaculate green sod of the golf course. There’s definitely a double standard where golfing is concerned.

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