Downtown Tomatoes returns

Downtown Tomatoes weblog

Our gardening blog, Downtown Tomatoes, is back after a winter hiatus. It was named after a comment I made on a roof of a loft in downtown L.A. where they grow plants, saying they could grow tomatoes, sell them, and call them downtown tomatoes. When we started the gardening blog, Sue remembered my comment, so that’s what we named it.

Interestingly, the main posters, Sue and I, plus DJ, have all escaped from L.A. We live in Connecticut now while DJ and his wife live “in the middle of nowhere in Utah and love it.” They’ve been blogging about country living, installing solar, raising chickens, warding off the rabbits and voles, and raising vegetables, among other topics.

I’ve been posting photos, and many more are coming. The photo here is of Blue Heron nests, and they will be returning a a week or two. Spring is almost here, and there’s lots of hikes and walks and photo ops out here in the semi-country. Plus our garden will be exploding with flowers soon.

Blue Heron nests