California being warmed by urbanization

This on top of global warming…

“Exhaust from the SUV is just piling on,” he said. “One is heating you from above, the other is heating you from below.”

Urbanized areas do not cool at night as well as land in its natural state,

This is no doubt happening in other urban areas too.


  1. If you ever commuted to work by bike, as I did for seven years, you would know this in your bones. Pull up next to a car at a red light and your legs are immediately many degrees warmer.

    And it most definitely is not just SUVs; all cars are culprits in this problem.

  2. So is pavement. It absorbs and holds the heat of the sun, and stays warm many hours into the night. Concrete, too– which is found not only in roads and sidewalks, but buildings.

    What I’m curious about is the humidity. I lived 25 years in LA, and the last few summers were far more humid than when I moved out in ’79. My wife, a Venice native, agrees. That’s not from concrete… and, unlike Vegas, I don’t see a vast increase in irrigated lawns.

  3. Many the millions more people in LA since ’79 means hundreds of thousands more swimming pools with accompanying water evaporation which makes the climate more humid?

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