Dead pets: capitalism at work

MenuFoods knew their pet food was deadly – and shipped it anyway

Short-term greed and utter unconcern for anything but profits, as usual, trumps the public good. After receiving complaints that animals were dying, MenuFoods ran tests of the pet food. It killed 1 out of 6 animals yet they said nothing, allowing the deadly food to continue to be distributed.

Capitalism is a sick, exploitative system indeed. We need a better one.

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  1. Just as sick or even sicker is the fact that they test their food by having live animals “taste test” it, thus ensuring that some animals, if not family pets, will die should anything go wrong. It’s impossible to believe there aren’t scientific tests (chemical, bacteriological) which could produce the same information. No doubt they’re more expensive than just having a few stray dogs or puppy mill dogs bite it.

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