Active duty soldiers support the March on the Pentagon

From MarchonPentagon

The Appeal For Redress, a campaign led and initiated by active-duty members of the Armed forces, the overwhelming majority being enlisted members, endorse the call by the ANSWER Ccoalition to end the occupation of Iraq and to commit American tax-dollars to human need, not corporate greed. Money for jobs, money for schools, money for health-care, not Imperialist war!

As of today, 1717 active-duty members of the Armed forces spanning all the branches, including the national guard, reserves and individual ready reserve, have signed the appeal for redress. This appeal, based on the Military Whistle-blower Protection Act, allows a member of the military to communicate with their congress-person on any issue. We call on all military personnel to sign the appeal and get active in the anti-war movement towards bringing our troops home and taking care of them when they get here. Not one more dollar, not one more day! Join us

Jonathan W. Hutto, Sr.

Chair of the Appeal For Redress Task-Force

Join us this weekend. Stop the War! Mass protests in DC, LA, and SF.

In a slightly bizarre twist Sue and I are in L.A. now, just three weeks after moving to Connecticut from there. She’s here on business, I’ll be helping organize the L.A. demo, and while predicting the size of a protest is always tricky, it’s looking like these demos could be quite sizable indeed.

In L.A., yesterday’s L.A. Times protest ad generated major support and “acclaimed musician Ben Harper has just confirmed he will play at the rally, along with Grammy-winning band Ozomatli and the legendary Jackson Browne” plus “hip-hop artists Skim, the NOMADS, and Rebels to the Grain.”


  1. Man, I’m moving to L.A.! You guys get all the good bands!

  2. I really like Ozomatli too. Great band, I got to see them at Glastonbury once and was hooked. I wish we had decent bands at our anti-war demos.

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