Real estate fraud. Not for the stupid

Mortgage Fraud Blog details the numbskull schemes of dumb and dumber. Dimbulb #1 was a lawyer who thought he could divert escrow money. Dimbulb #2 (a team) tried to sell a home that just sold legitimately, thinking they could grab the money.

Aforementioned numbskulls get free boarding for the next several years at federal facilities then get to pay restitution.

Sue is a CPA and forensic accountant, they laugh at schemes this stupid. Real estate has a huge and obvious paper trail, it’s not a good place to play hide the money.

But y’know, they probably have families, families who may now be destitute. Not only is the breadwinner going to prison, they are deeply in the hole, owing hundreds of thousands. Dimbulb #1 is a 57 year old lawyer. He will be disbarred and when he gets out of prison will be nearing retirement with no income and huge debts. His life as he knew it is over. What was he thinking?