Green Lefts:Left Greens

From my comrade Dave Riley in Australia comes his latest, Green Left:Left Greens

GreenLefts:LeftGreens is an Australian based hub that aggregates resources on the environment from a green left and a left green perspective.

That makes three of us now; Green Lefts, Climate and Capitalism, and this blog, that talk about the links between global warming and capitalism, and how new economic systems, like socialism, are needed to effectively work against climate change.

The solution to global warming has to be Top Down and be worldwide. That can’t and won’t happen under a capitalist system that thinks short-sighted greed is a good thing. It’ll take worldwide planning and managed economies to do what needs to be done, unless you think that major corporations will voluntarily decide to take big profits cuts to insure the well-being of future generations. Yeah, sure they will.

So, I’ll be checking Green Lefts daily, he’s already got much good stuff there, and the more who blog on this topic, the better.