We’re all wireless at home now

Heavy snow delayed the movers getting here for a few days. However, they arrived at 8 am yesterday, unloaded everything by 11, and we spent the rest of the day unpacking.

Configuring the desktop computers ended up being way easier than expected. I’d carefully packed both desktops and all the cabling for them in one box. This made wiring them much easier. They’d been plugged into CAT-5 at the old place and instead, I went to wireless here. The offices in the new house are in a loft and the Wireless-G Range Expander for the LinkSys router did the job perfectly with the computers finding the wireless net easily. (Without the Range Expander, they couldn’t find it at all.)

That same wireless hadn’t worked at the old place with the desktops and was flaky with the laptops. I’m betting it was because the cordless phones we had were 2.4 GHz, a frequency also used by wireless nets. We now have 5.8 GHz phones and the wireless is rock-solid and strong since there’s no interference from our phones (or any other phones, as the houses are further apart here.)

So, all our computers are wireless now. That means no cabling snaking through the house, and that’s nice. We, of course, we have encryption on… (I can find three other nets from our home, and they all have it on too. The days of being able to hop on unsecured nets are over.)


  1. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I was wondering how to get a network running right through our house. I see now how these two products are paired to extend the range.

  2. Linksys Wireless-G Range Extender…

    Having difficulty in connecting to your wireless network anywhere in the house? No problems, if you follow what Bob Morris did in his house: The offices in the new house are in a loft and the Wireless-G Range Expander for……

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