Truck driving nomads

The South Carolina couple who transported our two cars across the country on their carrier picked up our cars in LA, dropped another car in Houston, three more in Memphis, and still made it to Connecticut in six days. I gave them a tip, said go buy yourself a nice dinner, she said thanks and I have no idea when we’ll have time to have a nice dinner – and off they sped.

The moving van driver loaded us up in LA, picked up more in Phoenix, dropped some in Chicago where it started snowing and he said it snowed the entire way from there to Rochester where he got snowbound for a few hours before unloading one shipment when it was 17 and blowing 40 mph. He plans to be at our house Wed. to unload, a day or two later than projected but with that kind of weather (Rochester has had 12 feet of snow this winter) I’m surprised he made it that fast.

And I thought rock and roll bands led a gypsy life…