Global warming hurting Vermont maple syrup


“In the ’50s and ’60s, 80 percent of world’s maple syrup came from the U.S., and 20 percent came from Canada,” said Barrett N. Rock, a professor of natural resources at the University of New Hampshire. “Today it’s exactly the opposite. The climate that we used to have here in New England has moved north to the point where it’s now in Quebec.”

And in 100 years, the climate of Vermont may be like what Virginia is now. Which means Virginia will be, what, like the Florida Keys? Yikes.

Hey, Sue explains our recent move to friends saying, “Connecticut, it’s the new California” even if this is serious business to maple syrup aficionados like me. I use it as a sweetener in coffee, granola, yogurt, as well as on pancakes. Just bought a gallon of excellent quality maple syrup from a local farmer for $42 at his honor system stand – most the stuff you buy at chain stores is low-grade and expensive.

(The photo shows the old way of sugaring, a tap and a pail. The newer way involves plastic piping between the trees with a suction pump at the end drawing out the sap.)