March 17. End the war. Impeach Bush.

End the war. Impeach Bush

From the ANSWER Coalition, who called the March 17 March on the Pentagon

At a meeting of a new coalition of a large number of organizations that are supporting impeachment, held in New York City on February 17, it was decided to mobilize for the March on the Pentagon on March 17 to demand, “End the War and Impeach Bush Now!” The coalition of organizations that have united in this effort is called Impeach07.

The members of Impeach07 are:
– After Downing Street
– Backbone Campaign
– Center for Constitutional Rights
– Citizens Impeachment Commission
– CODE PINK Women for Peace
– Constitution Summer
– Consumers for Peace
– Democracy Rising
– Gold Star Families for Peace
– Green Party of the United States
– Hip Hop Caucus
– Impeach the President
– Military Free Zone
– National Lawyers Guild
– Patriotic Response to Renegade Govt
– Progressive Democrats of America
– Independent Progressive Politics Network
– Velvet Revolution
– World Can’t Wait-Drive Out the Bush Regime

There will also be major marches on the west coast, March 17 in LA, March 18 in SF.

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  1. There is also a rally in Hartford… 🙂

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