U.S. increases Iran war threats

Danger of invasion greater than ever beforeThe ultra-aggressive approach of the Bush administration could be part of a plan to prepare U.S. public opinion for an attack on Iran. It could also be a means of forcing Iran to back down in the face of a threatened U.S. attack. Either way, congressional action will not be the determinant of the outcome.

For revolutionaries and progressive activists in the United States, the main task is to continue to build a broad-based, grassroots anti-war movement independent of the two capitalist parties. The March 17 March on the Pentagon sponsored by the ANSWER Coalition is the next step in this struggle.

You don’t really think the two parties responsible for the war will somehow stop the war, do you? Were they serious, they’d block funding rather than vote for pretend antiwar resolutions that are non-binding. It’s the people that will stop the war, not the politicians. More to the point, the wars will never really end until the system is changed and the US no longer has a permanent war economy. The driving wheel behind the these wars is imperialism, and it’s been going on for decades now, regardless of which party is in power. That’s what needs to change.