Bi-coastal escrows

Things have been a teensy bit hectic here of late. We have bi-coastal escrows going on. Our house here in L.A. sold in 4 days, and we’re buying a house in Connecticut. We move next week and close escrow there the week after.

The logistics of all this has been quite amazing. Blizzards of phone calls. Hundreds of details. Hand cramps from signing all the escrow documents. The most logistically challenging part was figuring out how to ship three cats. Thank you LAPetTaxi.

The blog will continue just as is and there should be no interruptions in posting.

Yes, our house sold in four days. Make it sparkle. Price it attractively. That’s how to do it.

(While it’s sometimes been stressful along the way, happily Sue and I so far have had our meltdowns at different times, thus the other one is always there to provide support. And yes, I know it gets cold in Connecticut, I grew up there!)