Bill Hackwell Photography

Activist and photographer Bill Hackwell has just launched his new website. He’s travelled to Cuba multiple times, accompanied Ramsey Clark to Iraq, photographed the Chiapas uprising in Mexico and was in Argentina in 2002. He began his career as a social documentary photographer in Vietnam in 1968.

From his bio

The largest part of Hackwell’s work is embodied in a touring exhibit of his images of social and political struggle in the U.S. Entitled Struggles in the Belly of the Beast, this exhibit has been viewed by national and international audiences. The exhibit opened May 2006 in the National Library of Havana Cuba. In November 2006 the exhibit was moved to Centro de Arte in the eastern Cuban city of Holguin. This powerful show dispels the myth of complacency in the U.S. working class. In contrast it depicts vibrant social currents over the past 30 years battling against wars, attacks against the living standards of workers and racial injustice.

Bill is active in the ANSWER Coalition, and has photographed hundreds of demonstrations and protests. Since I know him, I won’t cop a photo to blog here since he’s asked people not to. So you’ll just have to go to his site to view them! It’ll be time well-spent. He shows how activism and art can be as one.